Fiqus coworkers won the SpawnFest 2018

The last days of 2018 did not happen like any other in our cooperative, three coworkers participated in the hackathon SpawnFest and won the top prize, in addition to one of the six categories evaluated by the juries.

The challenge was based on two days running -November 24th and 25th- programming an idea in some functional language running in the BeamVM (Erlang virtual machine), in our case, the chosen technology is one of our favorites: elixir !
The event was attended by internationally renowned juries, who took some time to choose the winners, which is why we were surprised by this pleasant news on December 20th.


The project in question was called Lambdex, being able to achieve a prototype with minimal full functionality, with examples and documentation.
Lambdex is a serverless code execution service, allowing one to run code without building the surrounding infrastructure. Similar to AWS Lambda.

From this, in our github we forked the repository and we are adding functionalities, making this open source app grow. With time we will organize it better, we accept pull requests.
The repo has a README where it explains what it is about, how to run it and which are the next additions.


Diego Calero

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