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We are a cooperative company specialized in software, founded in 2011 by systems engineers and programming specialists with clients in the national and international market that seeks an integral development of its partners that is reflected in the quality of the services offered Learn More


Fiqus' ideals and strengths are no more than the sum of the strengths and ideals of each of its members. Each member is a vital ingredient who contributes with his own ideas and personality, whose combination results in something larger than the simple sum of them. Each member can express an opinion and is allowed to vote, therefore, decisions are made democratically and as a group. Because of this, our members’ thoughts are the most important asset to Fiqus. We’ve built our work upon the members’ thoughts and the synergy, which is the result of the interaction between them. Fiqus disagrees with the current global model and aims for something different, something much more fair and simple, a society based on their members and not on the member capitals, where everybody feels part of it and their ideas prosper.

Our growth with respect to the quantity of members is not based on the work demand or the client needs, but the fact that the growth is controlled by the quantity of people that identify with this work style and want to join. We are strong believers in our ideals and we want people who conform to them to join and participate in the change. For all of this we are proud of Fiqus being a worker cooperative; this is our way of participating in a change of paradigm. We think that the world is under a short term and obsolete idea which is not compatible with our current life style, so we act to avoid that big corporations that aim solely for monetary objectives with short term ideas take the best of everybody without retributions. This is our way of participating in the change and every day we will participate in different ways, all of this being a result of the energy generated by each leaf of this tree. We believe in change, we believe in people, we believe in a fair world. This belief spurs us to act and the synergy between these actions is what we call Fiqus.


  • Income distribution
  • Community involvement
  • Horizontality
  • Mutual help
  • Decision making

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EDUQ is a highly configurable web platform that adapts to diverse educational institutions in a simple way. Each sector, aspect and detail of the institution is an integral part of the management system. Additional modules can be added to meet expectations. More information at:




Aquiles is a web based system that allows users to generate invoices, save them, and authorize them with Argentina's Internal revenue service. They can also print them and email them to their customers directly. You can check it out at






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