Custom Development

Development based on customer needs using free software solutions.


We specialize in creating websites for many devices.


We create mobile applications for various operating systems.


Fiqus' ideals and strengths are no more than the sum of the strengths and ideals of each of its members. Each member is a vital ingredient who contributes with his own ideas and personality, whose combination results in something larger than the simple sum of them.

Each member can express an opinion and is allowed to vote, therefore, decisions are made democratically and as a group. Because of this, our members’ thoughts are the most important asset to Fiqus. We’ve built our work upon the members’ thoughts and the synergy, which is the result of the interaction between them.

Fiqus disagrees with the current global model and aims for something different, something much more fair and simple, a society based on their members and not on the member capitals, where everybody feels part of it and their ideas prosper.

Our growth with respect to the quantity of members is not based on the work demand or the client needs, but the fact that the growth is controlled by the quantity of people that identify with this work style and want to join. We are strong believers in our ideals and we want people who conform to them to join and participate in the change.

For all of this we are proud of Fiqus being a worker cooperative; this is our way of participating in a change of paradigm. We think that the world is under a short term and obsolete idea which is not compatible with our current life style, so we act to avoid that big corporations that aim solely for monetary objectives with short term ideas take the best of everybody without retributions. This is our way of participating in the change and every day we will participate in different ways, all of this being a result of the energy generated by each leaf of this tree.

We believe in change, we believe in people, we believe in a fair world. This belief spurs us to act and the synergy between these actions is what we call Fiqus.

Aquiles Facturación Electrónica

Aquiles Facturación Electrónica link


python django celery javascript postgreSQL git



We are one of the founding members of the first argentinian technology cooperatives federation, called FACTTIC. We use this federation for working with other cooperatives across the country, on a quest to strengthen the cooperative movement.


Betterez link

Canadian company whose main business is to sale online transport tickets. We are part of the development team that maintains and improves the application they use to sell.


javascript nodeJS mongoDB


Invaders link

Game developed by and for entertainment.



Asociación Cooperadora Amadeo Jacques

Asociación Cooperadora Amadeo Jacques link

The Amadeo Jacques Cooperative Association, of the Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires, asked us for a replacement of the previous institutional site. The main idea of this development was the renovation of the institutional image and the improvement of the navigation of users who visit the site.



Portal CFP 24

Portal CFP 24 link

This project was developed in association with the Professional Training Center No. 24. The application allows students who has been graduated to offer their professional services online.


python django postgreSQL


WorldLodge link

We were contacted by a company specialized in tourism to develop a site where they can offer vacation rentals anywhere in the world. We used the latest geolocation technologies, user feedbacks, online payment via Paypal, etc.


python django postgreSQL


Itelligent link

Itelligent is an IT company with whom we have worked together on many projects, including LeanKit Kanban, a tool used in kanban methodology.




Cicayda link

Cicayda is an American company dedicated to cloud-software. We have developed a tailored service that performs data extraction and conversion between different formats, including OCR.


python flask celery


Onapsis link

Onapsis is a provider of security solutions in ERP systems. We have been part of a team developing an application that facilitates the visualization of vulnerabilities in SAP systems.


python pyramid backboneJS

Federación de Centros y Entidades Gremiales de Acopiadores de Cereales

Federación de Centros y Entidades Gremiales de Acopiadores de Cereales link

The Grain Gatherers Federation had the need to renew its website, so we have developed a web system for them, including website and intranet. Also integrating social networking functionality for dynamic interaction between users.


drupal mySQL


Sushi-Lives link

Development of a web site dedicated to selling online sushi ordering. The site consists not only of a series of screens that make selection of sushi parts for the final shaping of the order, but also has an intranet that allows the parameterization of all the values shown in user's ordering wizard.


cakePHP mySQL

BArental Solutions

BArental Solutions link

We have developed a website for properties rental. This site also has a custom management intranet.


cakePHP mySQL

FDV Solutions

FDV Solutions link

FDV is an IT company, and together we were part of a team dedicated to maintaining a cloud printing system, belonged to an international printers manufacturer.


python django postgreSQL

Teceng Gaming

Teceng Gaming link

Teceng is a company dedicated to developing casinos games. On this occasion, we configured and implemented a GIT server and a continuous integration server so their development teams can use it.


git jenkins

Grupo Skymax

Grupo Skymax link

Skymax is an Internet provider. We did some infrastructure work and an entire migration to Free Software. We also developed the intranet and a timesheet reporting system for employees.


flask drupal

Report TV

Report TV link

ReporTV is a company dedicated to providing solutions for cable TV. On this occasion, we developed a web management system for scheduling TV programs.


javascript .NET C#


Coop & travel: se acaba el sudeste asiático

El tiempo ha pasado y encontré este borrador de un post que no debería haberse quedado en el tintero.. entiéndase que lo narrado es de hace un año aproximádamente. Aún así, espero lo disfruten. =) Y si quieren recordar el post anterior a éste, pueden leerlo aquí. Como bien leyeron en el título, se acaban mis días en el sudeste asiático (de ahora en más SA). Luego de 2 meses ...

Visita a la Fundación IPNA

Empecemos desde el comienzo (redundante no?), qué es la Fundación IPNA? en su sitio web, se describen como: una entidad de Bien Público con el objetivo de contribuir a la inclusión social de las personas con discapacidad a través de la difusión y promoción de sus derechos, acciones de asesoramiento y capacitación y desarrollo de actividades educativas, terapéuticas y culturales. Gracias a la pareja de uno de nuestros socios conocimos ...

Django Channels: Hagamos un “snake” multijugador en la PyConAr 2016

Fiqus fue una de las cooperativas de FACTTIC que organizó este año la PyConAr 2016 en Bahia Blanca. En este marco Mariano Lambir, uno de nuestros socios, participó como orador. La charla se centró en mostrar y explicar como se usa Django Channels con el condimento de poder ponerlo en práctica con el famoso juego “snake”, que Mariano desarrolló especialmente utilizando la librería PyGame. El objetivo final de la charla ...

Lo que nos dejó la PyConAr 2015

Desde Fiqus viajamos a Mendoza en noviembre para asistir al evento de Python más importante del año en Argentina, la PyCon. La misma se organizó en diferentes charlas y talleres a lo largo de tres días con mucha oferta de temas para participar. La idea de este post es hacer una suerte de resumen y tips importantes de las charlas a las que asistimos. DÍA 1 Se hizo a lo ...


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